This should be reverted back to the original.

I can't let you in there.

People are talking.

I would like to return it to you for replacement.

He took it out of my hands.

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Get moving!

Dozens of cars were parked in the parking lot.

The newspaper has a large circulation.

Nobody wants to be around them.

Have you called them?

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You forgot to wake Christian up, didn't you?

Doors open when you're friendly.

I saw a house whose roof was red.

Well, then, let's talk it over.

Let me tell Norbert first and then you can tell Irwin.

I think this is a waste of time.

It was really quite fast.

I wasn't the one who wrote this.

I don't know what more I can do for you.

I'm done fighting.

For several years I've been in the habit of, when I'm at home, only leaving my desk when it's time to eat.

The association of kiwi with New Zealand is so strong that 'Kiwi' is frequently used as a colloquial demonym for New Zealanders.

What's your strongest type of headache pill?

He could learn without instruction.

I need a book to read.

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She wondered what his lips would taste like.

She assigned the work to him.

He is good at reading.

Bush never violated the Geneva Convention.

Does Kris really want me to be frank?

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Can you keep the noise down?

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I will drive you to Brindisi.

Hey, what's up?

If a conversation is not going too well, try changing tack.

My husband is better able to cook than I.

I don't like it when she does that.

I see your point, Horst.

Nothing is as beloved as what one gets for free.

Brodie doesn't seem interested.

I'd love to come back next week.

I'll pay you back a week from today, that is, on July 21st.

I've always had this on my mind, but what is Alain majoring in?

The old man gave the child shelter.

Where did you want to take him?

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That girl is hot.

In English there are eight main parts of speech: noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, preposition, conjunction and finally interjection.

Trey was prepared to go to trial.

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There was a new coat of paint on the door.

That's what counts.

We ought to send Jordan to the hospital.

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He almost died.

I had hardly checked in at the hotel when he called me.

My mother made a sweater for me.

There's a guy in there with a gun. I need backup.

Bertrand denied Spike's requests.

I didn't know you were interested.

My father doesn't want to make life difficult for himself.


What does your son do?

Please list alternate dates.

We have more important things to discuss.


I myself am to blame for my own mistakes, no one else.

My mother calls me Thomas, but everyone else calls me Glen.

He is a lawyer by profession.


That is not what I said at all.

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Are you going to see Ritchey?


Please give me the same thing.


What's playing at the movie theater now?

I am a fish in the river.

The laboratory acquired a fabulous reputation for its historic discovery.

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Heinrich is out buying me some things I asked for.

We haven't lost yet.

He blamed others for his own failure.

This is the first time.

They're coming home.


He refused to accept such an absurd proposal.


The success of the enterprise astonished everybody.

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Casey knew Pierre wasn't busy.

I don't have time to help them.

That's what Louie told me.


No matter how long it takes, I will finish the job.

He went to America for the purpose of learning a new method of producing crops.

Without water, no creature could live.

Dwight will talk to Saqib.

He gained nothing by telling me that.

And if everyone started jumping off the ninth floor, would you jump too?

The bank is next to the post office.

Our family opens gifts on Christmas Eve.

He called out the name of the winner.

Spring is slow in coming this year.

She laughed up her sleeve at his failure.


I don't really feel like reading.

Don't leave my name off your list.

Why is there something rather than nothing?

Shel can eat and drink anything she wants and still stay skinny.

Don't let Eva fool you.


He is known for his scholarship.

I love turtles.

My band name's Red Hot.

She is much the tallest girl.

I didn't have a key.


My resolution was shaken when I heard about it.

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Don't give it to Philip.


Grace didn't hear what Alain said.


Dan initially believed Linda when she said that it was an accident.

I just thought I might be able to help.

What was that supposed to mean?

Gordon won't listen anymore.

Please refrain from smoking here.

As incredible as it may seem, she ordered a knuckle of ham with sauerkraut.

You make me blush.

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Analgesics may be used if pain is severe.

And then what happened?

You can say that the circumstances were thus in the period leading up to the declaration of war.

You are two years younger than Mason.

Congress passed the proposal.

Perry tried to speak, but couldn't.

Murph rarely goes out.

It was there yesterday.

I think Neal is the one who painted this fence.

You should wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

It behooves us to do our best.

She gives the impression of not caring much about anything.

Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.


Don't shriek in my ear like that!


I was reading a book.

You should always keep a broad perspective on the work you do.

He's very much satisfied with the result.


Please tell me where to put this.


That's how I know you love him.


I don't slice her bread.

You're such a jerk.

Everyone loves a freebie.

I don't work that much!

Oliver told me his father was in the hospital.

The hinge is broken.

It is too hot to work.

You sure have a lot of MP3 files!

She stretched to relieve the stiffness in her back.

You need to learn to talk about your feelings.

Liquid love is a concept created by sociologist Zygmunt Bauman concerning the fragility of human bonds in postmodernity.

I will make use of this opportunity.

You are to start at once.

That's not likely to happen.

I was studying.


Is he looking at me?

Do you know where his keys are?

Roy doesn't like to speak in public.

We're going to see him right now.

Our work is all over now.

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I love apple juice.

Bradford wants an ally to help her succeed.

Let's step inside.

I wonder what those guys want.

Somebody tried to kill you.

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Nou doesn't look so good right now.


I can't explain it any better than that. I wish I could.

Matthew needs Andries.

That university's curriculum covers natural science and social science.


How did they die?

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You have many friends.

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This is the American way of life.